Top Dog Accessories To Buy In 2018

Dog Accessories

It’s officially time to spoil your dog with accessories.

They are man’s best friend and we love to accessorise our pooches! We know your dog is part of the family, so you want to give your furry pals the best little extras to keep him or her happy, safe and comfortable.

Double Adjustable Dog Feeder


If you have pets at home and you want them to eat comfortably and appropriately for their size the Pet Prior double adjustable dog feeder is perfect for dogs and cats of any size!

This stainless steel dual dining set comes with two removable food bowls and an adjustable mechanism to alter feeding height to suit the height of your pet.


Enjoy safely walking and playing with your dog outdoors thanks to the new Pet Prior adjustable dog harness!

Pet Prior Dog Harnesses are sturdy, padded harnesses for dogs on the move. Easy to fit and comfortable to wear, the adjustable collar and chest strap ensure a comfortable fit, and prevent the backpack from shifting when your dog moves.

Portable Dog Water Bottle


Don’t forget to keep your best friend hydrated when you go for long walks. With the Pet Prior portable water dispenser it will be easier than ever before to always have water at hand.

The Travel Water Bottle by Pet Prior is a bottle and bowl in one. The bottle is ideal for the car and walks and has been designed to avoid leaks and spills.

Hands free Dog Lead


This fantastic hands free adjustable flexible dog lead is a fantastic item for jogging or going on expeditions with your best friend.

Thanks to its original design, you can walk or run with your pet comfortably attached to your belt. Ideal for the countryside, the city, etc. Additionally, thanks to its reflective material, it is perfect for walking or running at night.

Dog Car Seat Cover


Protect your car seats when you travel with your furry pal with the protective car cover for pets! A really practical mat that’s easy to install, as it has straps that attach to the headrests of the front and back seats, protecting the car’s upholstery.

It is designed to fit any car with four headrests, or you could just use two headrests and place it in your boot area.

Doormat For Dogs


Functional yet attractive, rug for dogs and other animals.

Perfect for placing in doorways to outside (gardens, patios, terraces…), since it easily and effectively absorbs humidity and dirt, so the animal doesn’t get the inside of the house dirty or wet. It’s also ideal for placing the water dish on, since it absorbs the water that drips when the animal drinks.

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