Hands Free Dog Leash


Walk or run with your dog comfortably attached to your belt.

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Hands Free Dog Leash

Enjoy the benefits of the new InnovaGoods Home Pet Hands free dog leash!

Thanks to its original design, you can walk or run with your pet comfortably attached to your belt. Ideal for the countryside, the city, etc. Additionally, thanks to its reflective material, it is perfect for walking or running at night.

  • Made of nylon
  • Modern, functional and resistent design
  • Reinforced adjustable belt (approx. 95-130 cm)
  • Retractable reflective elastic lead (approx. unstretched length 123 cm)
  • 2 security handles to control your pet
  • Metal hooks and washers to attach accessories
  • Suitable for walking up to 2 dogs